In my capacity as a school counsellor I have extensive experience of dealing with young people. In an increasingly complex world where the pressures of modern day life such as social media, peer pressure, exam stress, bullying or a family breakdown can make it difficult for some teenagers to navigate their way through life. This may lead to anxiety and depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and eating disorders, anger and low self-esteem. Research suggests that early intervention in helping young people results in better mental and emotional health. In more severe cases I work with agencies such as CAMHS the child and adolescent mental health service to ensure they get the best possible care. Sometimes a multi-targeted approach can be beneficial.

Having recently trained with Dr Renee Marks - founder of the national centre for trauma and dissociation, she is both a published author and provider of training to the highest standard in the UK, Europe and USA.

I incorporate the following in my work with this age group:

  • Trauma and Dissociation - helping children to overcome issues such as physical and sexual abuse, emotional abuse, one off trauma's such as accidents and loss of loved ones.

  • Attachment difficulties - where for whatever reason such as adoption, death of parent or neglect, the child is unable to attach securely to a caregiver, causing difficulties in relationships.

  • Information on how trauma affects the brain and body and the latest neuroscience on the effect of trauma on brain development.

  • EMDR - Processing that aids the child to move frozen trauma affecting the brain and body.